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2017 Shanghai Essen welding an

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We attend every Shanghai Essen exhibition, and expand the scale one by one, the 2017 Shanghai Essen welding show, our special decoration booth main promote our original patent quality products with contact air cooled cutting series, and P80 series products with patented technology, and first announcement: Tongchang P80 series has the longest service life, under the same conditions of using, if not reaching the top quality requirements of the buyer, we will make compensation for you. After the comparison test with the original Panasonic P80 and well-known brands at domestic and abroad, our product performance is all leading, and we are confident to provide the top P80 products for all of our dealers. Products have been recognized by dealers in domestic, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand as the most cost-efficient P80 in the world, and signed the general agency agreement. In 2019, we will continue to attend the Shanghai Essen welding exhibition with more large scale.IMG_20170627_113543_副本.jpgIMG_20170627_113608_副本.jpgIMG_20170627_121703_副本.jpgIMG_20170628_101441.jpgIMG_20170629_112703_副本.jpg上海埃森-1.jpg上海埃森-2.jpg


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